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    I am very pro-choice though would probably would never have chosen to abort a child myself.
    But, I've never been pregnant and wouldn't know what I would do when risks might out-weigh safety for more than one other human being.
    (My god-mother had a clotting problem and thought she would never be able to have kids, for two years doctors said she could risk it but for whatever reason they insisted that she consider abortion should she become pregnant more than once or with multiples - they were fairly certain that not only herself but also the child/children would die. In fact she passed away from an embolism a few years ago.)
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    When we went through fertility treatments, we were warned and warned and warned again of the risks of carrying multiple fetuses. The clinic had a policy of not going through w. a scheduled IUI if multiple follicles were present, and also would not implant more than two embryos in an IVF procedure. If the babies then by some crazy chance split themselves into multiples greater than triplets, then clinic would selectively abort the "extra" babies. There is no way that someone could be surprised by this. They seriously made you sign multiple consent forms. They read these aloud to you, and then made you repeat back in your own words what the consent forms said.

    The parents do not choose which baby to lose, the doctor just goes with either the least healthy appearing or the one easiest to get to. They made you sign papers agreeing to all of this in advance. This is a big part of the reason that we did not pursue these options, b.c we knew that we would not selectively abort any of our babies.

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    I am totally 100% for it. I think that a woman should have the right to decide whether or not she wants 1 kid, no kids, 5 kids, whatever. Personally, it would never be a decision I would have to make because I would never do IVF, ect. Whatever other people want to do is fine by me, but I do believe that things like fertility issues & homosexuality exist for a biological reason= to keep the population down and provide adults that will act as parents to parentless children. But I figure if someone really wants a biological child and they only want 1, can only afford 1, or for whatever medical reason could probably only manage to carry 1 to term, why not have an abortion? It's their right.

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    I've not done much research about this, but it's an interesting question. There are significant risks that come with carrying multiples, especially "higher order" multiples. Because of this, I think there should be some restrictions barring doctors from implanting more than ..three? fetuses. I also think a woman should always be able to choose if she wants to terminate a pregnancy, or one third of a pregnancy, or half of it.
    I had an abortion. I did it for medical reasons, but I don't think one kind of abortion is more or less righteous than another kind. I am thankful that I had the option.
    At this time, I don't think I'd ever consider IVF. I think I could fall in love with the idea of adopting if we were unable to conceive. I probably wouldn't opt to have more than two embryos implanted if we decided to go that route, so I can't imagine selective reduction being an issue. Of course, I would want to have the choice.

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    @emmabobemma The thing with IVF is that because it is generally used mainly by older women (I mean no disrespect by this), they tend to implant quite a few embryos to give the mother the best chance of conceiving.

    I know a woman who had 3 rounds of IVF. She had 5 embryos implanted each time, but it took until the 3rd attempt for the implantations to result in a successful pregnancy. One embryo survived the 3rd time, resulting in the birth of one beautiful baby boy 9 months later.

    Implanting only 3 embryos, especially with an older woman, can sometimes be foolish when the odds are slim enough to begin with and doctors want to give her the best chance possible of conceiving even just one baby.

    That's why they tend to implant 5-6-7 or more embryos.

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