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    Thanks for all of the replies! There are a lot of great suggestions here!

    I'm especially liking Violet Josephine and Clara Josephine. My dad was a huge gardener, so I have thought of using a nature name (like Violet... or Hazel) to honor him. Also, I have always liked names that end in -a (Clara).

    I agree that Charlotte sounds really nice with Trevor and Adelaide. While I was in labor with my daughter, I was on the phone with my dad debating about names and he suggested Charlotte. Again, it would be a sweet way to honor him for baby#3. Also, popularity doesn't bother me this time around. I realized I worried about that too much with my last pregnancies. I just want a name I love.

    I have fallen for Eloise ever since finding Nameberry. My only concern is that when I have mentioned it to friends, I get mixed reactions.

    I also like Vivienne as it means "life." However, I don't think my husband is the biggest fan of this name.

    If it helps, my name is Kathryn Margaret - but, I go by Kate. I wanted to mention it as some of you suggested my name!

    And yes... I have considered using Josephine as a first name, but I think I prefer it in the middle.

    Thanks again for your help! Please, keep them coming...
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    Really like the suggestions of Eliza and Isolde with your kids' names. Isolde Josephine is cute.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Gwendolyn too. LOVE the name, dislike "Gwen"...I would love to see it on someone else's daughter!! Not sure if Gwendolyn Josephine quite goes. Maybe Gwendolyn Joelle?

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    I love Charlotte Josephine. It sounds beautiful. I also liked the suggestions of Beatrice, Sylvia and Miranda.

    Fingers Xed for you!


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