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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    Erm, I'm sorry, but I have to say, I'm really confused by all your posts.

    It starts out here:

    And then it escalated to Nameberry under the username hayleigh_1990 with a daughter named Felicity O'Connell instead of a friend with a daughter named Felicity O'Connell (the parents of whom were still Haley and Jack):

    And now Hayley123 (another Hayley Alannah/Haley Alannah!), with a daughter named Martha Jane O'Connell (and a husband named Jack!):

    With much the same taste--Duncan, Felicity, Bobby Patrick, Alison, Hadley, etc. I don't go around looking for trolls, but this seems really suspicious to me. Are you Liberty's mom, Felicity's, or Martha's? Honestly, if you want to talk about names, talk about names, don't lie about it.

    I'm the real Haley now, this account (and many of the others) were created by a cruel group of people with my email addresses. I have no idea how to even delete these!
    Proud mummy of Martha Jane nn Maisie

    Ladies: Beatrice, Claire, Emmeline, Josie, Kathleen, Verity, Isabelle, Francesca, Lara, Maeve
    Lads: Charlie, Jamie, Daniel, Joshua, Finn, Thomas, Liam, Bobby, Patrick, Jake, Dylan.

    Bobby Patrick|Charlie Daniel|Jamie Thomas|Dylan Joshua
    Beatrice Claire|Verity Kathleen|Claire Louise|Francesca Ruby

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