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    Which is your favourite Girls Name?

    We are still deciding on a girls name. Please let me know which is your favourite out of these combinations.

    Arden Bella
    Arden Rose
    Arden Isabel
    Mabel Rose

    Thanks in advance for all your help!

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    Mabel Rose is mine! Although I don't love Rose, I like Mabel far more than Arden.
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    My favorite is Mabel Rose
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    I know Rose is so over used but my eyes went right to Arden Rose and I love the sound of it. So my vote is for Arden Rose.
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    Arden Isabel is mine! Because Isabelle is my top choice for a girl.

    Honestly, Arden and Mabel aren't something that I would use, personally, but I like the natural, sort of ambiguous appeal of Arden, and I like the feminine, classic Isabel with it. I think Ari could be a cute nn for Arden, as well, if you want one.
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