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    My list is lacking,I need cool,beachy,sporty names

    I have been back and forth with the name Shea for a boy. Somedays I like the uniqueness and the casualness about and other days I simply don't like it. I guess that means its out.i really need some ideas.
    I really like sporty names with a surfer beach appeal. I live on the coast. I have 3 boys Kellan,Jesse and Jameson.
    I don't care for old names,but I like names that can grow with them.i also don't care for popular names.
    Here a few that are on our list,btw we don't know what we are having
    Christian( middle only) family name
    Daniel(middle only ) family name.
    I like crew,only if it had a longer version and Cruz or cruise are not options.
    Thank you for helping,I m stuck
    My husband said he really likes Avery. What do you think? Is it too girly. I find it masculine.
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