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    Odd new name crush...

    So I've recently started loving the name Javier. I watched a TV show a few days ago and there was a character named Javier "Javi" and I just fell in love with it. I'm not sure if I would actually use it because it's so totally different from my usual style... also we're not in any way Hispanic. What do you think of the name? Would it be weird for a White kid to be named Javier?
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    I do think it would be a tad eccentric. And I know they would get a lot of rude and annoying questions like "why did your parents name you Javier?". I can see the appeal though and I really like Javi as a nn. I have the same problem with Diego, Lorenco and Magdalena.
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    I love the name Javier too! It just sounds sensual and exotic to me. Javi sounds like it could almost pass as a Jewish name (say it with a frog in your throat, more like Chavi or just Avi). I'm never really sure when it's appropriate or not to use a name from another culture. Unless we adopt internationally, it will probably just stay on my "Love but not considering" list along with gems like Magdalena and Beatriz.

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    Wait... Was it Castle?

    I love the NN Javi but I'm not fond of Javier. It's a very Hispanic name, and I'm not sure how I feel about it on a non-Hispanic child.
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    DH's name is Javad (not the Javad on this board), and his nn is Javi (J, not H sound). I love the nn, but I'm not very fond of Javier for a non-Hispanic child. I feel like he'd always get weird looks.
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