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    Please Help Me Change My Name!!!

    Hi there fellow name nerds... Long time lurker here.

    I was hoping some of you could help me brainstorm a new name. My name is Acacia and I HATE it. HATEHATEHATEHATEHATE it. I always have. My parents didnt pronounce it correctly (uh-KAAH-see-uh vs. uh-kay-shuh although Im not fond of the correct way either...) and I finally have an opportunity to do something about it: my family and I are relocating to a different state at the end of the summer far far far away from anyone we've ever known. My husband doesnt really understand it (although he has a super "normal" name) but is supportive, so Im all set. Now comes the hard part: what to change it to.

    So heres what I need my new name to be: It has to (at least semi) go with our very-italian-with-lots-of-double-consonants surname. And if possible, I would really love it to be related to "Acacia" in some way- almost like a nickname. ...Im not 100% certain I want to legally change my first name right away so if the two were related it might make things easier to explain to future employers. (I also dont have a middle name I could roll with as mine is sort of a collection of letters thrown together and phonetically unrecognizable ie. Jzupitali pronounced Jolie)

    ...And just so you can get a feel for the kind of names that might "fit" me- I have a degree in art, am _EXTREMELY_ creative and artsy (and a little bit weird), teach preschool, and pride myself on being super cheerful and friendly.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks so much berries!!

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    Do you have any names you are considering? What about your middle name or some variation of it? Or another nature-related name? It's hard to just come up with names without any feel for the type of names you like.
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    casilayne Guest
    My first thought was Caci/Casie...or some variation since it is in Acacia. Or maybe Cassandra or Cassie.

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    My first thought was Cassia. It's warm, creative, friendly, and so similar to how your Acacia is pronounced.

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    karacavazos Guest
    I'd second Cassia, but I prefer it pronounced as Cass-ee-uh, however I'm aware of the cash-uh way.

    Or perhaps something light and fun (and Italian) like Aria.

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