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Thread: Pepper - fn/mn?

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    Question Pepper - fn/mn?

    So I know that Pepper is not going to be a lot of people's style but I like it and my husband didn't think it was crazy! But I don't think I could ever use it as fn but probably would consider it for mn.

    My name is Jennifer Ann and there was a cartoon character when I was in high school called Pepper Ann which was my nickname for awhile, so there is some significance there. I also like Pepper Potts from Iron Man but don't think I would name a kid after her. My husband also suggested changing it to Piper but then referred to the George Lopez stand up comedy routine about kids named Dakota and Piper :-|

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    I had a pet chicken named Pepper when I was does have a pet name/animal name vibe like something like Cricket or Honey...I do love names like that, but wouldn't saddle a person with one. Of course a girl with beauty, style & guts to spare could pull off something like Pepper, but there's no telling if your daughter might be shy. I think Pepper in the middle is cute, but I also think plenty of more classic first name choices could easily nickname their way to Pepper.

    Any thing -bell, -belle, -bella, get it??? Like Annabell Pepper. Bellamy, Bellatrix or just Belle

    Anything with a P. It could also work as a nickname for any unrelated first name. Especially classic names like Elizabeth or Mary I feel could carry any nickname at all.

    Really, it wouldn't be so awful to have a name like Pepper, Clover, ect,

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    Pepper Potts real first name is Virginia Pepper is a nickname.

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    I like the sound of Pepper! It's definitely a spunky out of the ordinary name that will take a certain type of personality to carry it. My kitten's name is Pippa (after Pippa Middleton... we got her during the London Olympics last year). I do prefer Pippa because it is a more recognizable name.

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    I am crazy over Pepper. And I do wonder if that makes me literately, crazy. ha!

    Pepper Potts is the inspiration for me because hearing it on her just makes it seem more feasible (even though she is a comic

    I like Pepper for Penelope, I think that's the easiest transition. But I confess if I had a Penelope, I would be naming her that JUST to get Pepper. You could also go for the more frilly Persephone. I don't think it really works from Philippa (although Pippa does...another name crush of mine!)

    I did not know that the comic character's name was in the world did they get Pepper out of that?!

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