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    I like the names Henry and Noah but not so much with Amelie.

    I like both Philip Edward and William Elliot with Amelie Clara. I think Will is a little more common so I would go with Philip.
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    All are lovely choices. I'm not as much of a fan of Noah as your other choices (though I do love Samuel!), however.

    Henry Daniel = Nothing to fault here, though I'm not sure that I love Daniel as a mn for Henry.
    Philip Edward = I'd be delighted to meet a little Philip (and love this spelling). I especially like the idea of nn Pip or Pippin.
    William Elliot = A little l heavy, but nice.
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    Henry Daniel and William Elliot are my favourites, both lovely choices! You've got good taste
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    Oooh I think Henry Daniel is my favourite of your combos, but I'm just not feeling it with Amelie. Perhaps it's the similar 'ee' endings to Amelie and Henry? William Elliot is my second favourite but agree with PPs that it's a bit 'L' heavy. William Daniel would be gorgeous!

    But they're all so handsome- you can't go wrong with any of them

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    I love them ALL. MY favorite it Henry David though
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