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    Here in Australia it is a well known name and has no affinity with Cora. The first two letters Co are the way it is said followed by rah and lee.

    Coralie Diane is a lovely combo.


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    i always thought it was pronounced cora lie... not cora lee....

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    I say Cora Lee. It's lovely!

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    I would pronounce it Cora-Lie similar to Coraline... I think it's a gorgeous name you've picked!! I'm suprised to see so many pronouncing it Cora-Lee...

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    One of the coolest people I know is named Coralee and she is probably in her mid to late 30s. I think it is a great name choice and very unique. I prefer the Coralee spelling because it is the one I am familiar with and easier to say/spell b/c it is like Cora-lee. Can't really mess up that pronunciation. With your spelling not sure if you would say it "cora-lee" or "cora-lye". She would also get called Cor as a nn which I thought was cute.

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