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    9wks preggo after ttc for yrs. Looking for that "perfect" name! Need opinions! please

    My sweet hubby and I have been talking about baby names off and on for years now. There have been many names that come and go, but this one seems to have stuck around, and we still love it... Coralie Diane. What do you think? How would you pronounce Coralie if you saw the name written down? Just wondering if we'll have pronunciation issues. Should we keep looking for the perfect name, or do you think this is the one for us?
    Looking for some fresh eyes and ears and feedback on our top name choice!

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    First off Congratulations!!!! What a Blessing!!!
    Love Coralie Diane! Love the flow, and the sound. Very pretty!! I pronounce Coralie "Cor- ah- lee"
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    I agree, Coralie Diane is lovely!

    I pronounce Coralie "CORE-uh-lee"
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    Coralie Diane is sweet. I'd pronounce Coralie as COR-uh-lee, or as if it were Cora-Lee.

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    Coralie Diane is nice. I pronounce Coralie like Co-rah lee.
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