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    Milly Willow would sound kinda funny anyway....

    Emily Clara
    Emily Sage
    Emily Juniper
    Emily Auden
    Emily Hanna
    Emily Matilda
    Emily Corinne
    Emily Frances
    Emily Margot
    Emily Odette
    Emily Isadora
    Emily Cordelia
    Emily Cecilia
    Emily Ivy
    Emily Josephine

    as an emily, just interested to try things out. lmk if you like any of them.
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    Emily Clara - I like this but I have a close boy whos a friend who has a sister called this.
    Emily Sage - I quite like this but my boyfriend doesn't like it.
    Emily Juniper - I'm not really sure on this one. My boyfriend doesn't like it.
    Emily Auden - This looks like Aiden if it is I don't like many boys names on girls.
    Emily Hanna - I like this but I'd use 2 H's.
    Emily Matilda - I like this but my boyfriend says it reminds him of the film.
    Emily Corinne - I'm not sure on this one. - I'm just concerned about people saying it.
    Emily Frances - I kinda like this but it has the older feeling also.
    Emily Margot - Kinda old for my liking - plus I know a Margaret.
    Emily Odette - I'v never heard of this. Sounds ok but my boyfriend don't like it.
    Emily Isadora - All I got was Is a door better than a door knocker. So i'm guessing that means No.
    Emily Cordelia - I'm not sure if I like this one.
    Emily Cecilia - I'm not sure on this one.
    Emily Ivy - I do like this i'm just concerned about ILY and IVY being so close.
    Emily Josephine - I know a Josephine/Josie and I don't really like her that much.

    Amy-Louise and Emily make a lovely pair of sisters, and nn Milly is adorable. - Amy's NN is LuLu so it will be LuLu & Milly.

    Emily Anne - This Fells kinda plane. Eventhough I love Anne.
    Emily Rebecca - This one is a no eventhough I love Rebecca I have a friend called this.
    Emily Claire - See Above.
    Emily Jennifer - See Rebecca.
    Emily Beth - Beth kinda looks odd I'm not really a fan of NN as names.
    Emily Catherine - I know a Katherine. But this one is ok.
    Emily Vanessa - Not really MS Vanessa. It does sound lovely though.
    Emily Hannah - This one was a Yes. But Hannah spelled this way.
    Emily Olivia - Even though I do like Olivia I know someone with a kid called this and for personal reasons i dont like the mother so this is a no. Plus I don't like the kids father.
    Emily Isobel - This is ok and my boyfriend APPROVED. - Well done you he's a nightmare with names.

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    Just talked about names with my boyfriend and we came up with these names.

    Emily Anneliese
    Emily Amelia - My great grandmother Amelia and also my great grandmother was Emily.
    Emily Ruby-Mai
    Emily Skye
    Emily Angel-Rose
    Emily Stella - My boyfriend's great aunt's name was Stella.
    Emily Gabriella
    Emily Joanna
    Emily Cassidy
    Emily Annabelle
    Emily Summer
    Emily Lucinda
    Emily Alexis
    Emily Adelaide
    Emily April Starr

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    I like Emily Amelia!

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