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Thread: Adoption

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    Quote Originally Posted by lori johnson View Post
    If adopting U.S. children and temporarily residing in Washington state is something you'd consider, the organization in my signature is one of a kind. My understanding is that court fees is the only cost involved. [For more information, please refer to the links in my signature.]
    Bear in mind that this agency is apparently just open to Christians. Because obviously those are the only people who make good parents. -eyeroll-
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    Thanks for all of the information. My husband and I really aren't thinking about adopting unless we have issues with TTC (which I don't foresee being the case). It has just always really struck me as a great concept and I was wondering if there were any berries who had personal experiences to share

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    My husband and I very seriously considered it. We are from New Zealand and the rules regulating international adoption are much stricter here than in the States (so it is more difficult, expensive and takes longer). Local/Intracountry adoption is not really an option here as hardly any babies are placed for adoption.
    We did not consider adoption because of infertility but because a) my husband was adopted and has always liked the idea of adopting a child and b) partly due to considerations about adding to the population.
    Unfortunately for us the whole process was too frustrating and exhausting. We needed to stay in one place for several years, which doesn't work with my husband's career. It would have cost us in the realm of $80k and taken about 3-4 years, excluding countries like China with excessive waitlists. The criteria which you need to adopt as a NZer from different countries is very prohibitive: ie only sibling groups over age 5, or only people from certain religions etc. So essentially (I wanted a baby or toddler) it was Russia or nothing.

    And now we have moved overseas as expatriates, we can no longer adopt anyway... So, we will be TTC instead.
    Sorry to sound negative, that was just our personal experience. If you are from the US the process looks far more streamlined (not easy or quick, but at least you have options!) in comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by augusta_lee View Post
    Bear in mind that this agency is apparently just open to Christians. Because obviously those are the only people who make good parents. -eyeroll-
    Oh, Augusta Lee...nobody said anything hostile toward any type of parents.

    Since Christian churches are funding the adoptions through Antioch, I find it neither surprising nor inappropriate that the program only funds adoptions for families that share their convictions. Perhaps there are similar programs that target other communities and promote different convictions. I'm not well-versed on domestic adoptions and related resources, but a simple Google search may turn up some other options for people who don't share the views of Antioch Adoptions. I know that the Christian community also offers forms of financial assistance for international adoptions by Christian families (such as Show Hope), and I wouldn't be surprised to find secular organizations offering similar programs.
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    I know a family who adopted three girls from China after having three biologically. However, the last child they adopted was adopted ten years ago.
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