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    Pearl Tamsin
    Pearl Jocelyn
    Pearl Darcy
    Pearl Tatum
    Pearl Madigan
    Pearl Magali
    Pearl Ardith (I don't know if Pearl + AR = too close to Pearl Harbor, though. I can't unhear it, but I like Ardith a lot)
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    I like Juno. It really depends on your surname, but I'd recommend something that doesn't begin or end with an L (slurring and rhyming issues). Also, steer clear of nouny names... 2 nouny names in a row tends to either sound like a sentence or chavy.

    Pearl Kiana
    Pearl Jovana
    Pearl Jordana
    Pearl Tamsin
    Pearl Talise
    Pearl Rafaela
    Pearl Jessenia
    Pearl Adia
    Pearl Cressida
    Pearl Anais
    Pearl Cambria
    Pearl Cosette
    Pearl Delaney
    Pearl Fallon
    Pearl Kimbra
    Pearl Kimia
    Pearl McKinley
    Pearl Nova
    Pearl Romilly
    Pearl Remy
    Pearl Rania
    Pearl Amira
    Pearl Amina
    Pearl Asha
    Pearl Karishma
    Pearl Sabra
    Pearl Sabine
    Pearl Anousheh
    Pearl Tatum
    Pearl Tahnee
    Pearl Channing
    Pearl Flannery
    Pearl Valentina
    Pearl Donya
    Pearl Nazanin
    Pearl Farideh
    Pearl Mahasti
    Pearl Malakeh
    Pearl Marjan
    Pearl Anahita
    Pearl Nasrin
    Pearl Soraya
    Pearl Suri
    Pearl Sholeh
    I love the idea of importing names, and using it as "cutting edge"...
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    Current Favorites:
    Elizabeth Lily nn Ellie
    Mary Emmeline nn Maisie
    Sarah Evangeline nn Sadie

    Nathaniel nn Nate

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