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    I suck at making combos hence why I ask for berries help but Pearl is a great choice. Lets see if I can help you out now.

    Pearl Honora
    Pearl Xanthe- Like but like the Zanthe spelling better
    Pearl Sonnet
    Pearl Mabel
    Pearl Marlowe
    Pearl Auden
    Pearl Amandine
    Pearl Haven
    Pearl Echo
    Pearl Luciana
    Pearl Tamora
    Pearl Zeta/Zita
    Pearl Vienna
    Pearl Severine
    Pearl Emmerson
    Pearl Eudora
    Pearl Theodora
    Pearl Lucia
    Pearl Quinn
    Pearl Zipphora
    Pearl Waverly
    Pearl Ambrose
    Pearl Cameo
    Pearl Noble

    Sorry for any repeats.
    TTC #1
    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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