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    Figuring out a Girls name

    We find out next week (hopefully) if this baby is a boy or a girl. This is our 3rd child and we have 2 girls. My husband and I are having a hard time agreeing to a girls name we both like. My husband says no to everything.

    He prefers Hazel and I prefer Mabel. I love Hazel but I'm not thrilled with the popularity or the meaning.

    If we go with Mabel, we can't find a middle name that sounds good with it. Our last name is basically The same as Simonsen. I like Rosalie and Louise as MN but DH isn't so sure.

    The boys name we have picked out and both love is Tobias Clark.

    Our girls who are 3 and 2 are: Aliza Helene (pronounced like Eliza with an A sound. Don't ask. It was a negotiation with my husband who loved the name but hated the E. he's complicated) she is named after my Great Grandmother Alice and my Mom, Helen, who passed away while I was pregnant with her. I have wanted to change it to Helen but due to paperwork issues it would be a mess so we pronounce it Helen for about the last year.

    My 2 year old is Liana Eve. Again after 2 loved ones.

    We name after the dead since that's family tradition and you can't name 2 children after the same person. Fortunately, there isn't really anyone to name after at this time.

    So girls names are where I'm stuck. I will stop rambling and look forward to hearing your input.

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    I love Mabel and it's meaning . I don't think I like Hazel and Aliza together because they both have the z sound and would leave Liana the odd one out.
    Mabel Rosalie is stunning .

    what about
    Mabel Aurora
    Mabel Aurelia
    Mabel Juniper
    Mabel Beatrice
    Mabel Cordelia
    Mabel Felicity
    Mabel Hermione
    Mabel Imogen
    Mabel Lenora
    Mabel Petunia
    Mabel Sylvia
    Mabel Tallulah
    Mabel Victoria
    Mabel Wren

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    Oooo! Some new options! Thank you! I like Rosalie best for a mn.

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    Mabel Beatrice
    Mabel Rosalie - Love this name,

    As Liana and Aliza are variations on common names. I'd suggest maybe having Mabel as the middle name then Mabel wont be so odd one out ish.

    Aurora Mabel
    Aurelia Mabel
    Imogen Mabel
    Tallulah Mabel
    Lorelei Mabel (Laura-lie).
    Honora Mabel
    Rosalie Mabel
    Jocelyn Mabel
    Felicity Mabel

    Names similar to your girls - variations
    Sofia/Sofiah - Sophia
    Isobel - Isabel
    Amabel - Annabelle
    Alivia/Aliviah - Olivia
    Savana - Savannah
    Daisey/Daisie - Daisy
    Kathryn - Catherine
    Catelynn/Katelynn/Caitlyn - Caitlin

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    Thanks! I love some of those ideas. And I agree I don't want the 3rd to be the odd one out if its a girl but my Husband is being awfully stubborn! It's driving me absolutely crazy. And he won't give any input on what he likes so I have no direction. And he was looking at my list and said its too long. Whatever. He's driving me crazy and as much as I would LOVE another girl, I'm somewhat hoping its a boy since we both agree 100% on that name.

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