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Thread: Baby Dreams

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    Baby Dreams

    Another thread got me to thinking about dreams. Since conceiving, I've been having extremely vivid dreams. I usually do anyway, but these have just been so wacky and with so much depth.

    An image from my dream this morning stuck with me. A little baby boy in a diaper was standing on the balcony of a castle, looking through a telescope at the night sky. He was focusing on one particular star. He looked at it with his naked eyes, grinned widely, and waved his fingers at it. I knew he had been born on that star, and had come to Earth somehow. He had sparkling dark eyes, and fine, wispy hair.

    Did any of you dream about your children, or their names? Or have your dreams been more powerful/intense than usual? I love lucid dreaming and dreaming in general, and this pregnant dreaming stuff is exciting!
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    Aw, that's a really sweet dream! The image reminds me a bit of "le petit prince."

    About a month into my pregnancy I dreamt I had a boy and named him William. (Not coming true unless the ultrasound and the blood test were very wrong!)

    I have been remembering more of my dreams during pregnancy, and they've been a little more elaborate than usual, more detailed, less mundane things. Recently I rarely sleep well enough to have cool dreams though.

    On a nameberry note, and this is in last yr's TTC thread, I just remembered that awhile back I dreamt dantea had announced she was pregnant (maybe a month or two before it happened).
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