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    Stellan and Breccan - Usable?

    I have been really thinking about Stellan lately but I worry it's a little too out there compared to my other favorites,


    I liked Breccan the first time I saw it. I really like the meaning as well which is Freckled or Speckled because I have freckles. But I also think it's a little different to my other favorites.
    Do you think sib-set are that important? For example would you feel that in the sib-set, Oliver Jude, Stellan Arthur, Caleb Henry and Hazel Sienna, Stellan was the odd one out? OR with Breccan in this sib-set, Miles Thomas, Violet Evelyn and Breccan Jude?

    What are you overall thoughts on Stellan and Breccan? Would they be usable on a little boy nowadays?

    Also do you feel that Stellan and Breccan are too similar? I see Stellan working better as first name and Breccan as a middle but I'm not entirely sure.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S I would be really helpful and much appreciated if you could suggest boys names that don't end in N because at the moment my top five favorites all end in N and I need a change.

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