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    Abercrombie & Fitch BNG *stolen*

    All names are from the Abercrombie and Fitch website (they give their clothes names). Just thought this would be fun! (You will have ALL girls in this game).

    Baby 1
    FN: Jamie, Courtney, Ashley, Meghan, Taylor, Lacey, Samantha, Kristen, Christina, Jessica
    MN: Jane, Rose, Kate, Angela, Leanne, Nicole, Renee, Leigh, Beth, Jill

    Baby 2
    FN: Kendell, Payton, Harper, Isabelle, Alexa, Adriana, Mackenzie, Jaden, Addison, Piper
    MN: Michelle, Carter, Dawn, Dianne, Elsie, Eve, Belle, Quinn, Iris, Elizabeth

    Baby 3
    FN: Mia, Ashton, Ainsley, Fallon, Hadley, Keegan, Marlie, Harley, Taryn, Mckenna
    MN: Anna, Reid, Coral, Morgan, Madeline, Annabel, Maria, Gwen, Blake, Randi

    Baby 4
    FN: Natalie, Rebecca, Gillian, Veronica, Caroline, Lindsey, Natasha, Johannh, Bridget, Felicity
    MN: Meg, Breanna, Evette, Reese, Blythe, Arielle, April, Jude, Demi, Annette

    Baby 5
    FN: Violet, Sandy, Vivian, Theresa, Abigail, Clara, Gwyneth, Audrey, Lucy, Molly
    MN: Eden, Bella, Benni, Erin, Shannon, Skyler, Haven, Everleigh, Marybeth, Gemma

    Baby 6
    FN: Tatum, Bailey, Madison, Mallory, Savannah, Alyssa, Halle, Valarie, Melanie, Victoria
    MN: Lucinda, Lila, Alana, Britt, Elaine, Macey, Trisha, Elissa, Kori, Beverly

    Baby 7
    FN: Meredith, Sydney, Kaylie, Kenzie, Jordan, Chelsea, Hilary, Brittany, Heather, Katrina
    MN: Daphne, Maya, Alicia, Kira, Stacy, Charlie, Jessa, Braylin, Mandy, Monica

    Baby 8
    FN: Vanessa, Andrea, Cami, Ella, Amy, Carissa, Carley, Tessa, Larissa, Abby
    MN: Mary, Sarah, Kelly, Tori, Casey, Mona, Alexis, Summer, Julia, Janna

    Baby 9
    FN: Kylie, Zoe, Hailey, Lexi, Coby, Kirstie, Christa, Laura
    MN: Maggie, Tara, Lizzy, Jenny, Emma, Josey, Polly, Sadie

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    This had so many of my favorite girl names on it <3 <3 <3
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