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    I can't imagine Ezra sounding good next to a long Italian last name so I vote Nicholas Grant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cressida View Post
    I think Ezra paired with something besides Jude (i.e. non-religious) would be the way to go for you.
    I agree with this. Ezra was particularly popular among my religious community in the 90s, so I find it to be an extremely religious name. I actually find it a bit funny that it's becoming so popular (it used to be so obvious that they belonged to my sect if they had this name... not anymore). Ezra is now much more widely used, but pairing it with another very religious name is a bit odd... But then again, I really don't think anyone would mention it. After all, Ezra is quite commonly used now... and no one will really know his mn.
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    I love them both! Nicholas is quite common (and has been popular for years), but I love Grant paired with it--Grant has this really intriguing sense of honor and strength and... I don't really know how to explain it, haha. Grant is just intriguing, but still really classic. Grant is just... honorable. It's a really cool name, and it brings this intriguing sense to the name. You could spice it up with a more interesting nn, like Nico, Claus, or even Cole. I do like Ezra more than Nicholas, but I'm not as fond of the combo--I'm not sure I love Jude paired with it, for some reason, even though I love Jude, too. I think it's probably because I usually love Ezra so much as a MN--I think Nicholas Ezra or Grant Ezra or even Jude Ezra would be lovely.

    So I suppose I'm no help, haha. I like Nicholas's combo more, but I like Ezra more in general.

    Good luck!
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    As much as I like Ezra I must tell you that I work with church kids and whenever we learn the books of the Bible they always think that Ezra is a girls name. No clue why, but for years now almost every 7-10 year old who hasn't learned before thinks Ezra is a woman. I think it's an awesome name, but it's just a warning for you from my experience.

    I love the flow of Ezra Jude and I love the name Grant! I'm not wild about Nicholas but it's a nice name and sounds well with Grant.
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    I love Ezra so much more than Nicholas. I agree that choosing a different middle name would solve the problem. Ezra Grant?

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