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    I honestly think Nicholas Grant sounds super handsome. I do like Ezra Jude but I prefer Ezra as a middle name.

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    I think Ezra paired with something besides Jude (i.e. non-religious) would be the way to go for you.
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    I vote Nicholas Grant or even switching to Grant Nicholas b/c Grant is less common.
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    Ezra is a bit of a more specifically Biblical name then some others, in my mind. Some of the more classic/timeless names that are also Biblical names don't have as heavy of a Biblical feel to it. However, saying this, I don't think there is necessarily any reason not to use it, even though you are non-religious, as long as you are fully aware that the religious overtones of the name are there. If you do use Ezra, perhaps a less Biblical MN choice would be best for you (maybe Grant?).

    With Nicholas, since your last name is 4 syllables, a 3 syllable first name is pretty long. It could work, but it will be a 7 syllable FN/LN pairing, which is quite a lot. I think Grant would make a really great (and pretty uncommon) first name choice, it's actually my favorite of the four names you mentioned. And a short name like this, paired up with your long last name would work well. How about Grant Ezra? Or Grant Nicholas?
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    I think both are great. I like Ezra the best, it just sounds so cool to me.
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