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    For sure pair it with something very classic or very right now.

    Amy Wren
    Amy Fiona
    Amy Beatrice
    Amy Caroline
    Amy Frances
    Amy Penelope
    Amy Calliope
    Amy Vivienne
    Amy Sophia
    Amy Marigold

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    Friends named a baby (born in 2012) Amy. My first reaction was "wow... how dated!" but like many opinionated topics, seeing little Amy and knowing her family, it seems to work really well. A name being dated is all about the context I think.

    I think Amy works with your sibset, but I see your DH does not like it so it's a moot point. I wanted to weigh in though.
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    It's classic but also very tired. I think it's time to give Amy a rest but I do recognize that it's a quality name.
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    I find it be both classic AND dated. By that I mean it is classic in the sense that it's been around for a long time but it still feels dated in the because it feels like an 80's name. Keyword being "feels", because I know it is in fact not an 80's name. (Just looked it up on the SSA site and turns out it is actually a 70's name as it peaked then and was in the top 10, almost the top 5, for over a decade). It is a sweet name, but its just lacking something.

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