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    Oliver Augustine Felix is here! Born in the car!

    Oliver Augustine Felix was born on Sunday ... weighing 8lbs, 4oz!

    He certainly surprised us! Sunday morning my contractions were 10-15min apart, and only lasted for 30 seconds, so I figured that we still had plenty of time. Then all of a sudden they went to 3min apart - and we live 45min from the hospital! Things really started to feel intense once we dropped our two-year old son off with the friends who were going to watch him. But I felt the same as I had when there were still 5 hours to go at my son's birth - and our friends only live 10min from the hospital, so I figured that we had plenty of time to get there!
    But just a little ways down the road, I started to feel his head crowning! I kept telling him, "wait baby, wait - we're almost there. Just wait a few minutes!" Then all of a sudden, I could feel his head being born! My husband had just enough time to pull over into a gas station, put on the emergency brake, and reach over to catch him! We were just a few miles from the hospital, so we just drove to the birth unit ... the nurses were so surprised!
    We're doing really well now - totally content. I guess he just couldn't wait to be with us!

    We picked Oliver as a name that works equally well in Polish and English - his nickname is already Oliwek (pronouced Oli-vek, with the accent on the second syllable). Augustine is in memorial to a dear friend of mine who died tragically a few years ago. And Felix is just for fun!

    I'm so grateful for all the help I got from the Berries when picking out his names!
    Mom to Julian and Oliver
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    Favorites for boys: Oliver, Reuben, Henry, Felix, Graham, Augustine

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