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Thread: Everett

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    My grandfather's name is Everett, and I have always pronounced his name Ev-rhett with two syllables. I live in the Mid-Atlantic region of America.

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    I love Everett! It's my second favorite, personally. I say it more with two syllables, EV-rhett, but I think it really comes out more like 2 1/2 syllables--ev-[ah]-rhett. I think Ever or Rhett are the most common nns, but I personally love just Ev--I think it's quite edgy and cool, sort of like Trav for Travis or Liv for Olivia or Soph for Sophie/Sophia.

    Honestly, I think Alexander, Madelyn, Genevieve, and Everett would be pretty amazing.

    ETA: Och, right, where I'm from. I don't really feel comfortable posting state or cities or anything (hence Cair Paravel!), but I'm in a Mid-Atlantic state, if that helps.
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    Thanks @ashthedreamer! Everett has really grown on me -- it's definitely in my top 3!
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    I say it with three syllables (ev-uh-rhett), but the syllables are a bit smashed together, so it almost sounds like 2.5 syllables. There's a city I used to live near with this name, and everyone I knew from the city also pronounced it this way. As far as nicknames go, Rhett would be a great one, Ever is another option I've heard before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    I pronounce it like this too! It's a short three syllables said very quickly. I'm Canadian, eh?
    Another canadian here... and I agree... 2.5 syllables! hahaha!
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