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Thread: Everett

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    Three Syllables for me. Ev-Er-Rett, or something similar. General geographic area is a mixture of Quebec, New Hampshire and Boston.

    I actually think I prefer the two syllable Ev-Rhett, but it does not come naturally to me at ALL (even when I'm trying to say it two out loud, my mouth seems to throw out a third syllable).

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    It's three syllables for me, more like ev-uh-rhett, but when I say it out loud, the middle syllable is short. I prefer it without any nicknames.
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    I say it with three syllables and I'm from Scotland. I prefer it without nicknames but I think Rett or Rhett are nice ones.

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    I'm from Texas and this is my son's name. I usually say it with 2 1/2 syllables if that makes sense. It's not quite Ev-rett, but it isn't a full 3 syllables either. Now I do say all three syllables when he's in trouble ;-) He has a ton of nick names, but my most used one is Evers. My mom uses Rhett sometimes. My brother in law calls him Ev occasionally. Most people just use his full name though. His other nns have nothing to do with his name :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    It's three syllables for me, more like ev-uh-rhett, but when I say it out loud, the middle syllable is short.
    I pronounce it like this too! It's a short three syllables said very quickly. I'm Canadian, eh?
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