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Thread: naming twins...

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    naming twins...

    HI all,

    I have posted a few times on here, but not since my miscarriage last fall. I'm back again with some good news! I'm pregnant again, but this time with TWINS!

    We have found out that we are having 1 boy, but we don't know the other ones gender yet. We have a solid boy/girl name combo that I think we're set on.

    Silas and Sylvia

    We hadn't planned on using same initials or having any theme, but these two have just come together this way and we love them. We also realize that the names both have the same or similar root, which we think is kind of neat without being totally obvious to the average ear.

    So I come here today because...what if we end up with 2 boys? we really like the name Abram for potential baby boy #2. In fact, I think we're pretty set on that as well, but I'd love to get any other ideas of a good combo with Silas in case something else comes up that we also really like. We just aren't as solid on this name as Silas.

    Here's some examples of other names that we've contemplated and decided not to use for various reasons, to give yoh a good idea on what we're looking for.


    Also, older brother's name is Riley (a family name).

    Thanks everyone!

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    Congratulations! How exciting
    Abram and Silas are truly wonderful together - I absolutely love it! As for other suggestions, WDYT of:
    Silas and Calvin
    Silas and August
    Silas and Hugo
    Silas and Tristan
    Silas and Leo
    Silas and Oscar

    Separately, I really like both Sylvia and Silas, but they do sound very similar to each other. Have you considered any other girls' names? E.g.:
    Silas [middle] and Phoebe Sylvia
    Silas [middle] and Fiona Sylvia
    Silas [middle] and Vivienne Sylvia
    Silas [middle] and Juliet Sylvia
    Silas [middle] and Violet Sylvia
    Silas [middle] and Emmeline Sylvia

    Good luck!

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    I think Silas and Abram are pretty darn perfect together! I love it!

    Other suggestions just in case:
    Silas and Jacob
    Silas and Jonathan
    Silas and Abraham (Abram could be a nickname)
    Silas and Oliver
    Silas and James
    Silas and Patrick
    Silas and Judah
    Silas and Jack
    Silas and Leeland
    Silas and Fredrick
    Silas and Carter
    Silas and Curtis
    Silas and Vaughn
    Silas and Brant
    Silas and Quentin
    Silas and Quinn
    Silas and William
    Silas and Grant
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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    I love Silas & Abram also! But here are a few more options.

    Silas & Harrison
    Silas & Abel
    Silas & Atlas
    Silas & Sean
    Silas & Tucker
    Silas & Perry
    Silas & Asher
    Silas & Arthur
    Silas & Jasper
    Silas & Isaac
    Silas & Liam
    Silas & Rhys
    Silas & Thaddeus

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    Thanks for the suggestions...I really do love Silas and Abram! Some of the other suggestions are great too. I love Calvin, Atlas, Harrison, Thaddeus, Jude, and August, but most have been vetoed. I'm guessing Silas and Abram will be it.

    As for Silas and Sylvia. At first I was opposed to the two of them together thinking they were too similar, but the more I said them out loud together, I actually thought that they might be more similar in looks than actual sound...other than of course the S beginning. Sylvia is non-negotiable as it is a very important family name. Silas could be negotiable, we just love it so much. Sylvia would go by Sylvie.

    Why does it have to be so hard. Lol

    Any thoughts on other great combos with Sylvia?

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