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    Middle names for Savannah

    I'm having trouble coming up with Middle names that flow well with Savannah. I'm a big fan of two middle names. What are your suggestions? I also really like the name Anouka/Anouk is there a way I can fit in with her middle name without sounding odd. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

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    What kind of names do you like? Do you have any family names you want to use? How about these random suggestions:

    Savannah Claire Anouk
    Savannah Mae/May Anouka
    Savannah Elise Anouk
    Savannah Pearl Anouk
    Savannah Beatrice Anouka
    Savannah Josephine Anouk
    Savannah Jane Anouka
    Savannah Anouk Lydia
    Savannah Anouk Isobel

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