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    Meaning or Connection

    I have been trying to find a girls name that has special meaning to me that I love. Boys names come easy to me. Here is what I got so far:

    Coral/Corale or Coraline- to honor my grandma Carole
    Marian- Sounds like my name backwards (Anamarie)and honors French roots
    Nora- was my high school Spanish name
    Winter- moms maiden name
    Taylor- family maiden name (too unisex to me and popular)
    Kristi- want to a honor a Kristi not sure how to!
    Clementine- Honors a Clemmons and French roots
    Maisy or Daisy- Had an aunt Maisy and honors Scottish roots. Daisy is fav character from Great Gatsby
    Clarinda nn Indy- moms hometown

    Need some help! Could I use the name Honor and say it honors so and so?
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    Names I love for my future children:
    Girls: Maisy, Nora, Josephine, Lydia, Marian, Clementine, Amelia, Scout, Naomi, Darcy, Sage, Blair
    Boys:Gabriel/Gable, Kale, Easton, Jasper, Carlisle, Joseph, Jameson, Grant, Bennett, Asher

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    Clarinda really stood out to me. It's a special name and has meaning for your family. I love the nn Indy as well.

    Clarinda Daisy
    Clarinda Isis
    Clarinda Josephine

    I also like Clementine. Would you use a nn, and if so, what??
    Clementine Kristina
    Clementine Winter
    Clementine Taylor
    Clementine Maisy

    I don't like Marian as a first name very much.

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    The best naming combo that jumps out to me immediately would be Coraline Winter Taylor. It's beautiful, and in one shot you get to honor multiple family members and one whole side of a family tree.
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