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    My husband's family is from Costa Rica, so I also needed to find boy names that worked in English and Spanish. We named our son Victor and so I have to throw that out there as an option - so friendly and yet all boy. Other names on our list:

    Emanuel (that's the Spanish spelling, but Emmanuel works too)
    Gideon (my husband likes the sound of this in Spanish much much more than I do)
    Daniel (I liked the sound of this in Spanish much much more than my husband did!)

    Those names all made it onto our short(er) list. Hope you like some!

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    I like all of the names you suggested. My favorites are Rafael and Hugo. I like Rafael because you can always tell him about your neighbor, and also Raphael is an angel, which connects to your daughter's name as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfzolghadr View Post
    I'd go for Rafael. I think it's an awesome and bold name, with some great nns. More importantly, though, it would have a meaningful connection not only to Lima, but also to a special person in your life. I can imagine that it would mean a lot to him if you named your son Rafael, and it would be a great reminder for your son of a great person, not only a great place..
    I couldn't agree more! +1!

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    How about Leo -which works in both languages and has a regal meaning?
    Daniel Charles might be nice and bi-lingual...
    Wish I could think of others but good luck!

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    Xavier will travel anywhere so I think it makes a great choice.

    Xavier Alessandro George

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