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    I love the name Tiago. There's a Brazilian basketball player that plays for the Spurs in the U.S. named Tiago, and I'm obsessed. However, Tiago will not really work with our German-sounding last name. I'm also a big fan of Sebastian.

    I agree with Luca not sounding good with your daughter's name, which is beautiful, by the way.

    Other suggestions:

    Malaika and Carlos George
    Malaika and Andres George
    Malaika and Diego George
    Currently liking...
    Alexandra Sloane, Quinn Charlotte, Blair Catherine

    Spencer Leland, Truman Chase, Gideon Charles

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    I like the name Rafael! I think it goes well since you know a "grandfather type" man where you live so it is honoring someone which I am a huge fan of, plus it's an awesome name that will be easy to pronounce and has some great nn potential!

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    I also love Rafael! I think it is so handsome. I also like Joaquin and Xavier.

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    Thanks everyone for your input!

    Good to get a sense of what the larger world would think, and to not ask family who always are so opinionated!

    Agree - I really like Rafael... And the man he would be named after. Only issue is my husband also works with a Rafa that he really dislikes. If I can convince him to forget this little annoyance, maybe he'll agree...

    Also, like Tiago, but agree it doesn't go as well with surname Duffield. Thought maybe Santiago Duffield sounded ok, though, but then it is quite spanish - 'Saint James'... And I think we'd have to take the little one to Santiago, Chile for a long holiday to make it legit or something...

    Hmm... I do like Andres, but his father is Andrew, so no go...

    Thanks for the help, it definitely helps some names stand out as stronger candidates... :-)

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    Rafael would be a great option. Hugo would be awesome too. All of your options would be good though. Another thought that jumped in my mind is Aurelio.

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