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    Kim and Kanye baby name revealed....

    Apparently they named their daughter North West. Not even kidding, TMZ (which isn't always accurate but sometimes they're on the money) say the birth certificate at Cedar-Sinai shows the name is North West.

    I guess we will hear in the next day or so if this is 100% true.
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    TMZ is almost always right (they pay people off to get the info). If they are, I think that unique celebrity names have officially jumped the shark. I actually predict that "original" names will become even more dated and ridiculous than the brittanys and tiffanys of the 80s are today.

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    Theres also a rumour it is Kaidence....

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    and its now confirmed:,00.html

    some of the comments on are just hilarious

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    I heard that it was North West and I had to get on Nameberry to check what you guys thought about it! Ugh! It's so terrible..

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