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    initials spelling out a siblings name

    we FINALLY found a name we love,*THEN realised that the initials of first, middle and surname, spell out her big brothers name!!!

    At first, my fiancé and I thought "nooo! we can't use it now!!" and we were so disapointed.. But we love the name do much, that we've recently been trying to think of a way round it, like, we considered adding another middle name, *but* it's just so lovely the way it is! What does everyone think of this predicament, could we "get away with it" !!! or should we scrap the name altogether?

    When I googled it, I found all sorts of people that have gone through teasing because of their initials, (like ASS or BRA etc etc) ..I know her big brothers name isn't like that!!! BUT..

    ..these people had given examples of things like when they were at school and had to have initials*on their backpacks as part of their school uniform, or being at university where their initials*became your email address, for example*..Just finding examples like this online made me worry about it more, do you think having initials that spell out big brothers name would be difficult for her?

    Orr, even when you're an adult, and filling in forms that say "initial here" ..initials*on the lease for renting an apartment, initials*when signing up for a bank account etc. I suppose she could just miss out the middle initial with things like that, but I personally have come to find, that some things require *all* initials.. hmm.

    Thinking back to childhood again though, would it lead to teasing? Would big brother cheekily say "haha you were named after me!" (he's a lovely boy, but c'mon I think everyone knows what big brothers can be like lol!) Would it be noticed at school?!

    The other small part, is possibly down to me overthinking things, (which I have a tendency to do!) and my fiancé says I'm worrying too much about this part: but as the middle name would be Echo, would she feel like an after thought? Echoing her big brother, especially with her initials spelling his name? I'm not sure if that's a silly thought :/

    So what does everyone think, is this initial thing a "no go" for us?! After finally finding a name we love? Are we over thinking this, or not? ..This is so hard!

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    Use it anyway. I think it would be hardly noticeable to most people, and if they did notice, there's nothing wrong with that. I can't even imagined how she'd be teased for that. And I doubt her brother would give her a hard time for it if you didn't make a big deal out of it.

    I love the name Echo, too!
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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