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    Rowen, Colt and......

    My husband and I name our children on the day of their 20 week ultrasound, when we find out the gender. It is their "Name Day!" My baby's Name Day is coming up really soon and we are all set with a boy name (Boaz), but the girl names are so much harder for us. We have been working on a list for months.

    We have a daughter named Rowen and a son, Colt(on).

    This is our current girl list: Ashton, Hadley, Pepper, Paisley, Elowen. I am not in love with any of them. I feel that Ashton fits our naming convention best, but Paisley is our current favorite. What I would really love is some NEW suggestions; we would like a name with an "o" but I am feeling desperate enough to fall in love with an o-less name. I will also happily take commentary on our existing list.

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