View Poll Results: Which Romanian boy's name goes well with my (German) last name?

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  • Alexandru Buck

    3 4.69%
  • Emil Buck

    17 26.56%
  • Tristan Buck

    27 42.19%
  • Corvin Buck

    20 31.25%
  • Anton Buck

    23 35.94%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I really like Tristan. Anton is also nice.

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    Another vote for Tristan!

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    I'm wondering where you live. They are all good options but some would lend themselves to confusion, mispronunciation and misspelling in America. That doesn't necessarily bother me, but might bother you. Alexandru will be assumed to be misspelled and Anton has a couple of pronunciations. I think in the US most people would say An-twan, whereas in Europe it is often said as An-tun/ton. If your wife will say it one way but everyone else another, this might bother you. The ones that are likely to be said and spelled correctly, I think are Tristan, Emil and Corvin (the last to a lesser degree because there is well-known Corbin and people might assume this is what it is)

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    I live in America and happen to have known a few Anton's, all have been pronounced an-ton, not an-twan. *puzzled* It's a pretty self explanatory name to me.

    I voted for Alexandru, love it! I forgot to vote for Anton but I like that one, too!
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    I like Emil best, but Alexandru nearly got my vote--I love it! It reminds me of the (I think Romanian?) Beatriu, which I think is so cool. And now that I think of it, I think Alexandru Buck sounds better than Emil does--Emil is just a bit too abrupt. I think either would work really well, though--they're both very handsome.
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