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    Unhappy Problems from new design??

    So as everyone can see Nameberry has updated and made a beautiful new design!

    The only problem is that ever since the new design was put up ive been experiencing technical problems

    Im no longer able to edit my lists. None of the finctions work, delete a name, delete a lost or add any names

    Is anyone else experiencing similar difficulties???


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    Yup, the lists aren't working at the moment. Pam and Linda are aware of the problem, and I'm sure they're doing their best to get them up and running again. They've said we shouldn't try to edit them until they work, and they will let us know when they do, I'm sure. In the meantime we've just got to do it the old fashioned way; pen and paper (or that's what I'm doing anyway...)
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    I've been having trouble too. I have an android tablet that I use for everything and I am always using it to get on Nameberry. However, since the new design, I cannot read any of the blogs posted on Nameberry at all on my tablet. This has been a little frustrating for me since Nameberry is one of my favorite websites and now I can't enjoy the website as much unless I am at home on my desktop computer. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon!
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    Hi everyone, Just posted on this on another thread. Sorry about the annoying difficulties with user lists. We hope to have these functioning soon. And yes, we are having an Android problem too but we are working on it.

    It is good to hear about these problems from you as so many people have so many different devices and different issues crop up on different platforms -- you help us figure out what's wrong where! Hope all is running smoothly soon.
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    I haven't been able to post anything or search names on my phone (android) since the change. It's discouraged me from visiting the site :-( also, I've finally gotten around to coming to the site on my mac since the change, and haven't been able to figure out how to change my signature on the new design :-( HELP!
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