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Thread: Zoelie

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    I like the sound of Zoélie in French (Zoh-ay-lee), but I'm not as sold on it when pronounced this way in English. For English, I would prefer the sound of Zolie (like Jolie).

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    I've only ever seen/heard the name when a friend's ex-girlfriend said she wanted to name a future daughter Zoelie (I thought it would be spelled Zolie! Zoelie seems like it should be Zo-ee-lee to me). I thought it sounded quite silly and very made up. I adore the name Zuri, though.
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    Zoelie is what happens when you try to say Zoë with marbles in your mouth.
    I think it could be alright as a long-form nickname (like Anoushka as a nickname for Anna.)

    There's Zoraida, from Don Quixote.

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    I actually like Zoelie and Zoemi. I intuitively pronounce Zoelie as zo-AY-lee, or as if it were written Zoélie.

    Zoemi would have to be spelled Zoemie for me to really consider it a name It looks more complete.

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    If it wasn't a first name, like middle name only contender, do you still think Zoelie/Zoemi is so bad?
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