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    Has anyone ever met a Willa or would you name a daughter Willa? What do you think of this name? It's growing on me but I just heard it here recently and I've never heard it in real life. Would she get called Willy as a nn b/c I would hate that.

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    There was a Willa in a mommy-and-me group that I took my baby to. She was so cute!

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    I've know of a little Willa but I've never met her or her parents myself. As far as I know (and I asked!) she's just Willa, no nicknames.

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    I think Willa is adorable, it's sweet and simple yet not all that common. As for Willy, Willa is short enough that I don't think most people would shorten it, but there's always someone that I'm sure will from time to time call her Willy.
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    I like Willa, and would use it if my dad's name (we don't get along) wasn't William. He'd make all sorts of fuss about her being "named after him" which is the exact opposite of what I would ever want to do, and I would hate it. But the name is really beautiful. I like Billie as a nickname.
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