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    Do you like the name Vada?

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    How are you pronouncing it? VAH-da isn't very pretty, but if you want to say VAY-da then people usually spell that Veda (which, in my opinion, looks less sinister than the Vada spelling). So I suggest you use Veda.

    Veda Rosemary
    Veda Miriam
    Veda Florence
    Veda Genevieve
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    My first association was Star Wars... sounds like someone slurring "Darth Vader". With last name Walker, I'd assume you were a huge Star Wars fan. That's assuming you're pn. it VAY-duh.

    How about Vera? You can pn. it VAIR-uh or VEER-uh. Or Vega (VAY-guh)?
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    I love the name Veda like in the film "My Girl" but pretty much everyone laughs and makes Star Wars related jokes when I mention it xxx

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    Agree that Veda would be less confusing then Vada (if you're going for VAY-da). I think its super pretty. I met a baby last month named Veda and thought it was so sweet and unique. Of your choices I like Veda Katherine best.

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