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Thread: Alma on my mind

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    Oops ... sorry just read through properly, and Ada and Alba have both been suggested.

    You could also consider Almira or Mira.

    Ambra is cute but I personally prefer Alma. I think the old-fashioned ring is charming.

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    thanks imogeneve! i like all the names you suggested except for eva and cora
    In Italy they would problably make it into Almina (little Alma) which i think is really cute, rather than shorten it...

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    I think it is actually quite pretty and I googled it's meaning and it means kind and nourishing, and has been used as a feminine name for many years (but more popular many years ago than today so yes has more of an old vintage feel).
    I am Mormon and in our scriptures "The Book of Mormon" there is actually a Book of Alma. It was the name of an ancient prophet, who was an amazing man. So it has also been used in the past as a masculine name, although not as common as a feminine name I don't think. I don't think most people will have ever heard this name. However, if you ever meet any Mormons they will immediately think of an old male prophet

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    For other old fashioned names I too really like Bianca and what about Audrey? I had a great aunt named Audrey and also who doesn't love Audrey Hepburn? Classic and elegant!

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    Alma is beautiful! It's one of our top names. It's sweet, soft, and has a peaceful air about it.

    You couldn't go wrong with it!

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