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Thread: Alma on my mind

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    What about Bianca?
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I quite like Alma. It's not my favorite name but it's pretty feminine without frills and I like the shortness.(Yeah, The History Of Love came to mind).
    But honestly, it's not that international. I haven't heard Alma at all when I lived in Russia and I guess it's more popular in English- and Spahish-speaking areas.
    My first thought was Summer and Smoke though. I love Tenessee William's plays so it's a plus for Alma. Maybe I will even add it to my list someday
    Similar-style names are Alba(I prefer Albina nn Alba), Willa, Lucille, Helen(a), Florence and Sophie.

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    yes Bianca is also really sweet and no pronunciation issues. thanks!

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    yes Alba is also sweet, but maybe i would prefer Ambra in that case names like Lucille wouldn't work with an Italian person trying to pronounce them
    I think the problem with Alma is that you don't hear it often so it didn't get rid of it's old fashioned ring yet... I also like Ada but already a girl we know was named like that ..

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    Alma is lovely. Stick with it and maybe it'll grow on the boyf!

    It is short and sweet, but keep in mind, it could be abbreviated to Al or Allie.

    Other options – Ava, Eva, Ada, Alba, Ida, Cora, Nora, Iris.

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