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    Thank emsky

    In a way Rosalie has family ties also as my boyfriends grandmothers middle name was May. His father's family is from Ireland. Rosalie is kinda my nans name Rose but changed but also my cousin's girlfriend is called Rosie so I worry it might be quite close.

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    I like Felicity and Carys. I don't like Irelyn or Ireland at all. Alayna would be so much prettier if spelled Elena.

    Amelie Clara (2008) & Daisy Madeline (2013).

    Alice Tallulah, Polly Matilda, Rosalie Faye, Lucy Annabel, Maya Lillian, Hazel Kate, Eva Blossom, Juliet Lila, Ivy Camille.
    Charles Joshua "Charlie", Theodore Samuel "Teddy", Elliott Daniel, Noah Zachary, James Oscar, Arthur Philip, Rowan Isaac.

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    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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    I love:

    Lucinda Ivy Jade
    Lorelei Piper/Acelinn
    Cerys Anna
    Demi Michelle

    To go with Amy Louise my fav would be:
    Cerys Anna
    followed by Demi Michelle

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    Alayna and Elena are 2 different names. I said before i didnt like Elena as it feels kinda old to me.

    Irelyn - I dont see the problem with this as it is going to be a middle name.

    Thank you I like Cerys & Demi best also.

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