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    Names So Far my boyfriend has approved.

    As you all I have a long list of girls names. I'v shortened it down - This is only half of them so far but these are the ones my boyfriend has approved. What do you think. - Sibling Amy-Louise. Surname K 2 Syllables ends in er.

    Heidi Bianca
    Mollie Angharad

    Chantel Faye

    Sydney Roxanna Mai
    Sinead Roxanna Mae

    MacKynzie Leigh Skye
    MacKynzie Brooke

    Lucinda Marie
    Lucinda Skye
    Lucinda Ivy Jade

    Abigail May
    Courtney Leigh

    Kianna Paris
    Kianna Dream Jade

    Rosalie Irelyn May - He prefer this spelling of Ireland.

    Kadi Shyanne or Shyanne Kadi

    Gabriella Azalea Harper
    Daisey Azalea Rose

    Kyra Acacia Jane
    Kaliyah Acacia Jane

    Thalia Leigh
    Thalia Evelyn-Rose

    Lucie Gabriella
    Gabriella Nicole

    Lorelei Piper
    Lorelei Acelinn

    Cerys Anna
    Cerys Emily May

    Liliana Marie

    Felicity Evelyn
    Felicity Jordyn

    Irelyn Ciara
    Irelyn Sinaed Rose

    Deanna Emily Jayne
    Deanna Angel Lynn

    MacKynzie Ariana

    Demi Michelle
    Demi-Leigh Michelle

    Alayna 'Laynie' Katelyn Anne

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