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    Fresh new start, I'm sorry and need opinions on a name

    Just thought I'd start again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience and if I came off as a really rude person, someone gave me a suggestion about what I should share on nameberry and I am following their advice.

    A couple of weeks ago I remembered a high school friend that had a dog named Lua when someone else mentioned me they had a friend named that too, I thought Lua was a made up name that they had come up with for the dog but I still really like it and I was wondering what do you think about it.

    Lua is a latin, galician and portuguese name that means moon, Lua was also the roman goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed capture weapons. She was sometimes referred to as 'Lua Saturni'.

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    I personally prefer Luna because it means "moon" in the language I speak and Lua looks like the letter was dropped. But if I could think of it in a fresh seems an interesting possibility.

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    I agree 100% that Lua seems interesting. Something about the way it looks though... it seems unfinished. If a fn then a long mn is needed or if a mn then maybe 2 mn's.

    I also am a fan of Luna, Celeste, and other moon names so maybe that is an influence.

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    I agree it sounds cute. But the Goddess was anything but. She expiated bloodshed in battle. It doesn't mean moon in latin, that's luna.
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