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Thread: Lollia

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    Love or hate it? It's rare I come across a name I haven't considered and like it but I think Lollia is a nice name with history and good nickname options (Lo, Lola, etc.) My husband was also a Classics major so I might be able to sell him on it. Do you think it sounds made up or would be forever confused with Lolita?

    I strongly prefer names with a long history of use but that have never been popular and bonus if there's a good historical figure/ story connection. My 2yo daughter is Bay (Bayard).

    I don't know that it's in my top 5 but I really like how fresh and novel it feels after years of mulling over essentially the same set of names. Thoughts?
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    My feel on this is that it is too much like Lolita. And I do not like the literary or otherwise of this name. I do, however, love your girls names in your signature and I think this one just doesn't flow as beautifully as those ones.
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    Lollia, Lolita, lolipop.. It's cute, but I don't think it'll age well. But maybe it's just me, since all I can think about is Lolita from Nabokov's novel. I prefer your current list.

    ps: With Bayard I love Liesel the most.
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    Yeah, all three of the names in your signature are preferable.

    I'm assuming Lollia is pronounced similarly to Lolita (but without the T of course)? If so, people will undoubtedly be thinking, "Sounds like Lolita!" every time they hear it for the first time. I mean, the novel's a classic but it's not a savory association for a little girl by any means, when the dictionary definition is "a seductive, adolescent girl." But if that doesn't bother you and you don't think it will bother her (after all she does have nickname options), then a name with history/heritage is nice, I suppose.
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    Ditto that gretel said. I think it may cause confusion therefore I prefer Lolita(it's well-used in Russia so I don't only think of Nabokov's novel).
    P.S. Looked at your signature: I love love love Rosaline but think Liesl goes with Bayard best.

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