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    Oh, yes! I love Javier! I personally don't care what color skin a person has, any name works as long as there's love behind it. Javier nn Javi is wonderful. I grew up with one, so I don't feel I can use it, but it's such a wonderful name and I'd use it in a heartbeat.

    Besides, you're a rule breaker when it comes to names (girls with boys names) so I say, keep breaking those rules and go with the names you love rather than the names society dictates as acceptable for our skin color/ country of origin/ gender/ social class/ spiritual beliefs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfzolghadr View Post
    DH's name is Javad (not the Javad on this board)
    Haha, that would've been hilarious

    I like Javier. For me it is very much because of mr Bardem, but it's a very cool, cute and sexy name. Rowan and Javier. I kinda like it!
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    I like Javier... not very fond of the nn Javi... but honestly, I have a hard time picturing the name on a non-Hispanic child.
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    I feel like I mention this all the time, but I know a blonde haired blue eyed guy named Juan, and he's never really had a problem with his name. Yes he is asked frequently why his parents named him Juan, but really people could ask the same questions with names like Meadow and Agnes. So if you really love the name I think you could use it.
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    I think that I would add a caveat: it depends on where you live. I'm from S. Texas (a few hours north of the border with Mexico), so it would be a constant bother to be explaining it to everyone. In my city, it's quite strange to be Hispanic and not be able to speak Spanish... you'd get grilled about it. To be a non-Hispanic Javier would be even worse. My maiden name was Italian, but could also be Spanish... My dad has olive skin and dark hair, and the name Mark (Marco)... we had problems all the time having to explain that we're not Hispanic and why we don't speak Spanish. So, if you're in a less Hispanic community, maybe it would be good. I am all for rule-breaking, but I also wouldn't want to be the kid having to explain it every time.

    @ottilie Yes, I was stunned to see a Javad on this board (the 1st one I've met aside from my husband). DH often makes fun of my love for names, so I thought he was playing an elaborate practical joke.
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