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    On Beyond Ezra

    After my pregnancy rant a couple of weeks ago, I took a break from thinking about baby names for a couple of days. Then I went through the naming books that I have and made a list of boy names that I like. I divided them up into first tier (my favorites) and second tier (ones I like, but not quite as much) names. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. This will be our fourth boy, brother to Joshua, Noah, Levi (our angel baby) and Autumn. If we have another daugther, her name will be Ruby. I know that might not happen, but I can't use one of the names that would otherwise be in my "first tier" (Jonas) because it is too similar to my other boy names, so I want to plan for that possibility. Also, I am not obviously limiting myself to Bible names, at this point I just want to find one that I love and will hopefully be happy with using for the rest of my life. And even though both Joshua and Noah are in the top twenty (and have been for several years) I do prefer names that are not as popular or trendy, but still not "strange." Our last name is Carlisle, and I am waiting to decide on the first name to think about middle names. Anyway, here are my lists

    First tier

    Jonas (but like I said, I can't use it because it is too similar to Joshua and Noah)
    Phineas/ nn Phin or Finn

    Second Tier

    Jedidiah/ nn Jed
    Wesley/ nn Wes

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