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    Girls names are going to be the death of me. Lets try this again!

    I am determined to find the right baby girl name combos. I do not have a specific style I just go with what I like. I know I like unusual but functional. So lets try this again since I have been all over the place. I thought I found THE ONE but that was shortly lived do to the names background.

    Our choice went from Orchid Aurora to now nothing. We did like Delilah June at one point but is Delilah becoming too popular? And my BF was not really loving it. Our boy combos were so simple and easy to pick. They are set in stone and ready to go.

    So new name suggestions and combos for the girl side would be greatly appreciated. The last name sounds like Shamrock but is not that. Its the closet name that I can think of to describe the last name haha....Also I do not really like nicknames or obvious nicknames for example how Kaitlyn can be turned into Kate etc. Here is the new list so far...

    Ithaca-boyfriend surprisingly liked this but no idea what middle would go well with it?
    Aurora Orchid-Berries came up with the reverse combo and it is kind of growing on me. But is Aurora becoming too popular? Plus I don't know how much I love it.
    Tulip- Cant figure out a middle name
    Malibu- Maybe???
    Petra Aurora- How would you say Petra?
    Petra- other middle suggestions.
    Birdie- middle name option?
    Apple- I know Gwen named her daughter this but I kind of like it.
    Ruby- would want a fun middle to go with this. Is Ruby becoming popular?
    Daisy- would Blossom work or something fun to go with it.

    Middles I like:
    Bleu- Love the French variation of this.
    Rose- typical and over used but it is my favorite flower. I even have tattoos of roses.
    Juliet- Family name

    Any other options or combos would be greatly appreciated since I am feeling totally defeated and not having that "this is THE ONE moment."

    Thank you!
    TTC #1
    Hoping to have a little Ragazzo or Ragazza soon.

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