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    Eliza is very pretty and I don't think it will become the next Jennifer. I don't care for Elodie which sounds heavy to me. Elsie makes me think of a cow and it wouldn't sound good with your last name. Catherine and Anna are classically beautiful names that are very workable - I do like Catherine with your last name. The nn Cate also works very well with your last name.

    With you go with Eliza, El names put together are fairly popular so I would avoid the Nn Ellie and use Liza. In fact, I might go with name Liza itself as it would stand out from the El names more that way. I had a great aunt named Mary Eliza who was always called Lila. My sister, Lisa, is named after her. Personally, I think Mary Eliza is a stunning name and if I were to use it I would go with nn Liza.
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    Eliza sounds the best with your last name. I love it! I wouldn't worry about its popularity - I think it is popular on NB, but not elsewhere.
    NB lists Eliza's popularity at #225.
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    What about Elif, Elina, Aline, Elin...
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    I have found all of your suggestions and opinions very helpful keep them coming if you have more.

    We were drawn to El names bc we both liked the nn Ellie.... Then I realized everyone likes the nn Ellie haha.
    My husband has a first cousin named Kate with our last name hyphenated with her husband's ln, but she lives in Georgia and we live in PA. But Catherine is his gma's name. Eliza, violet, and Anna are my great gma's names. I don't know.

    Thanks for the reassurance on Eliza's popularity. Elodie is my hubby's fav, but I agree that it sounds heavy compared to Eliza.

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    I have never met a baby named Eliza or heard of anyone naming their daughter that. I have met two Eliza's, both in their 30s and I find it a very uncommon, beautiful, stunning, classic name that is easy to pronounce and spell and won't ever feel dated. Sounds good with your last name too. My fave from your list, and in my top 3! Although I dislike the nn Liza, reminds me of Liza Minelli and Broadway and I just don't like the nn. Love the nn Ellie though, and I've met two baby Elle's who don't use that nickname, and one Ellie in her 30s who again when I heard her name I loved it!

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