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    Eliza, Elodie, etc...

    I was set with the name Eliza for my first baby, until we found out he is a boy so, naturally, I'd want it for the next, if she's a girl... But I see Eliza in ALOT of signatures.... That doesn't mean babies are being named that, I guess... But I do not want my daughter to be the Jennifer of the 80s.

    Here is my girls list. Please comment with your opinions. Our last name sounds like co-LU-see.

    Elsie (maybe doesn't sound good with LN?)
    Anna (or something that ends in Anne or Anna)

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    I love the name Eliza. However, I agree that it does seem to be getting quite popular. I am not a big fan of Elodie, however I really do like the name Elsie. If you would prefer to use Elsie as a nickname, I think Elsa is adorable. Violet, Catherine, and Anna are very pretty as well. I think Anne is also a lovely variation of the more commonly heard Anna.

    God Bless,

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    Yeah, I'd cross off Elsie. Too rhymey.

    I like Eliza and Catherine (though I prefer it spelled Katherine). I also like Anna when it's short for Annaliese.

    Since you like EL names, have you considered something like Ellery? Other EL options you might like:

    Elise (similar to Elsie, but it goes better with your last name)

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    No girl's name is going to be the next Jennifer. Jennifer was #1 for 15 years with a peak popularity of almost 64,000 - three times the number one name in America, Sophia (and twice as much even when you factor in all the Sofias and Sophies). And this is back when the U.S. (if that's where you're from, but I'm sure this can be said of most English-speaking countries) had 100 million less people, so the proportion of girls given the most popular name has shrunk even further.

    I like Elsa/Eliza but prefer them as nn for Elizabeth (although Eliza works as a standalone). Catherine is beautiful, especially with the C instead of the K.

    But my favorite name would probably Anne/Ann on its own, a simple yet lovely classic that's surprisingly underused.

    Oh and btw, Jennifer, while it reigned for the first half of the 1980s, was mostly associated with the '70s. It unseated Lisa in 1970 and peaked in 1973, maintaining its top spot until 1985 when Jessica took over.
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    I love the name Eliza.

    It is definitely my pick from your list of names.

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