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    I love Ashley. To me it is a boy's name and I cannot see it on a girl.
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    I love it! Though I'd prefer the spelling Ashleigh, for a boy. I'd never call a girl Ashley. ^^
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    In school I knew a boy Ashley and now I'm friends with a girl one (though her nickname is Sadie) so I can see it on both genders. There's nothing wrong with using Ashley as a boys name because it is a boys name.

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    Ashley has pretty much always been a boy name this side of the pond. It's usable but I think it's really dated now though. Ashton seems to be the modern alternative

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    I went to college with a male Ashley (and a million female ones). To be honest, no one ever thought, "oh, he has a girls' name" He was just Ashley. He did go by Ash a lot, but many of the female Ashleys I know also go by Ash. I think it's very handsome on a boy.
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